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I'm William Mayer, your lead generation specialist

Born and raised in Key West, FL, I found my calling in literature and creative writing at The New School Eugene Lang, where I also earned a certificate in marketing. The cultural richness and literary history of my hometown, paired with my educational pursuits, had a profound influence on my career and travels.

Not only am I an open, detail-oriented, and hardworking copywriter and SEO specialist, but I am also a licensed real estate agent in Florida. This blend of skills and experiences allows me to uniquely understand the real estate landscape and the specific marketing needs within the industry.

I've journeyed to 55 countries and gained conversational proficiency in several languages. My travels and work in various cultures have given me a broad perspective, enabling me to connect with a diverse range of clients and their unique needs.

A decade ago, I founded Bespoke Car Broker, a boutique classic car brokerage. Through this venture, I expanded the business to nearly a dozen countries, assisting clients in importing, restoring, and acquiring some of the most unique classic cars. This entrepreneurial endeavor honed my skills in lead generation, marketing strategy, and customer relationship management.

Now, I've transferred those skills into creating a revolutionary solution for real estate professionals - the "Automated Lead Generation & Expansion Revenue Traction" (A.L.E.R.T.) System. This system streamlines lead generation and appointment setting for real estate agents and brokers, powering their growth and success. I am passionate about helping my clients increase their audience base and conversion rates, showcasing the transformative impact of optimized lead generation strategies on their business growth and bottom line.

Eager to learn and innovate, I'm consistently seeking new insights and ways to refine my craft. I enjoy diverse writing and editing projects, from articles and product descriptions to web page content. My knowledge spans across various subjects, from travel and automotive design to literature, film, and creative writing. But at the core of it all, my greatest joy comes from empowering my clients' businesses with the cutting-edge "A.L.E.R.T." System.

Together, let's revolutionize your real estate lead generation process and accelerate your success.

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